BEDA: Resurgences and Other Things Awesome

4 Apr

Guess what?

I like food.

Here is why.

Things that make the world awesome, in the order that they pop into my head

1. Those little cans of iced coffee you can get in the Czech Republic that I became totally addicted to the last time I was there
2. Cadbury’s Snack bars
3. Cadbury’s Creme Eggs
4. Anything else made by Cadbury’s
5. Fresh bread, still warm from the bakery
6. Steak
7. The culinary miracle that is barbecue sauce
8. Subway (the sandwich company, not the mode of transport)
9. Grilled swordfish steaks
10. Lobster
11. Japanese-style scallops with mayonnaise
12. Noodles of any variety ever
13. Garlic king prawns
14. The fish soup I can sometimes pull off in the kitchen, given a cookbook and the exact ingredients in their exact measures and another person to stop me from setting the place ablaze. It’s very tasty, and it kind of looks like something you’d find at the bottom of a Norwegian haddock trawler but that doesn’t matter, that stuff is nine kinds of delicious, I could eat it until I explode and shower the entire room with salmon and new potatoes and cod and king prawns and celery and onions (and also blood and intestines and stuff)
15. Quavers (the crisp, not the musical notation – why do so many delicious things share a name with things that are not delicious? Hula Hoops, for example?)
16. Sandwiches that contain any of the following – steak, pork, beef, meatballs, mozzarella cheese, peppers, fries, barbecue sauce. In fact, that would be the very list of ingredients for the world’s tastiest and heartattackiest sandwich
17. Jack Daniel’s sauce from TGI Friday’s – judge not lest ye be judged
18. That ice cream you get from the machine at Pizza Hut, where you can have as much as you can fit in the bowl and also put Smarties and stuff on it. I once filled the entire bowl with ice cream and proceeded to add Smarties, sprinkles, and hot fudge sauce and then walked through the restaurant, thoroughly embarassed but also perversely proud of myself, back to my table and then sat down and ate it all while occasionally vocalising the fact that I would certainly contract diabetes from this one bowl of very unhealthy but incomparably satisfying ice cream. It was uniquely glorious and I’m still alive and now I want another one. I can see you judging me. Stop it.
19. Baby back ribs. In fact, ribs of any kind
20. Spaghetti. The end.


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