drunkblog #2

12 Feb

Jack is –

  • pissed on Bell’s and Stella (judge, judge away)
  • wondering what to do in the next few months other than turn 21, look for a job and get incredibly drunk several times again
  • still high from Monday’s Vampire Weekend gig in Manchester – legendary
  • determined to read Infinite Jest before his birthday (mid-March)
  • pondering whether or not communicating with a person over the Internet whom you’ve never met in real life and offering them much-needed advice on traumatic events is creepy at all
  • asking himself why, in movies that concern the supernatural, does someone inevitably say ‘scientists are baffled’ as if that’s a revelation of some kind? Scientists are in a state of permanent bafflement. You will never hear a scientist say that he’s certain of something, because he knows how stupid that concept is in nature. Also, anyone who’s ever been friends with a scientist knows that they’re confused enough by the tiny minutia of life – think of the guy who looks for hours for the glasses that are on his head
  • debating whether to go for an old-fashioned, just-like-the-old-days bender tomorrow with all his friends from school
  • wondering why there seem to be few people from his area that are as ‘Tube-conscious as he is (with at least one exception)
  • considering shisha in the morning. The answer is indubitably yes. (‘Shisha’ may not be what you think it is – look it up.)
  • almost certain that he’s made at least one big spelling mistake. Well, he is pissed, after all. Thursdays, eh?

One Response to “drunkblog #2”

  1. Laura February 14, 2010 at 12:46 am #

    I’ve often wondered myself why there aren’t more of us Northern ‘Tube conscious people. I think it could be because the 20% of us that actually even bother with electricity just see the internet as a source for all things cat humour related. Pleased to have found a fellow ‘Tube geek in you.

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