Filler – Notes

5 Jun

Found on a piece of crumpled paper in my bin


Rageblog on why people who use fake tan are irritating? Nobody ever uses their blog to address complaints to the universe, do they? I’ll check. Fuck.

Life update? List of notable personal stories from this week:
Yesterday: drank beer in garden, watched football, eventually fell asleep
Day before: browsed web and played games all day
Today: similar to previous days only incrementally more dull
These are not interesting events

The BP oil spill and how the negligence of industrial companies will eventually I just bored myself into forgetting what this sentence is about.

Postmodern short story based on modern picaresque character archetype. Named… Lars Friedricksson: Sex Mime? No.

Booze, and how I drink it sometimes

*doodle of a man riding a glass horse*

Glass horses, and how they — *scribbled out*

Meta-filler, showing the blog post as the planning stage for itself?

Well, it’s better than fuck all

*lower half of page a mixture of dire propecies, incoherent scribblings and whisky-dribble*

Will update with something interesting next week, if real life cooperates.


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