13 Days

30 Aug

until I leave behind my family and my friends and my city and everything I’ve grown up with. Thirteen days until I get a new life.

Things I have to do:

  • Get onto the finance people and see if I can get a single fucking fragment of sense out of them
  • Buy bedding, clothes, books, cutlery, kitchenware, and a thousand other things that are apparently essential
  • Find out exactly when Fresher’s Week ends and my classes start
  • Inform all the companies who send me constant, loving missives about new current account options and exciting contact lens offers that I’m not actually living at the house to which they’re sending all the mail that I don’t read, and that if they continue I will have to get out of my chair, take a bus to their headquarters and kill them all with a stick
  • Get rid of all the crap that’s been occupying space in my room for the last nine years
  • Buy a ton of new crap that will occupy space in my (depressingly) significantly larger student accomodation
  • Contemplate the fact that I am neither nervous nor scared about any of this
  • Say goodbye to all the people that can’t come with me, and to the best goddamned dog in the entire world
  • Get into a car with my family
  • Leave the only city I know
  • Drive
  • Arrive
  • Watch the car drive away
  • Go it alone

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