BLODA: On Being Late to the Bandwagon

6 Apr

At no point have I ever really given a shit about the rules of any Internet-based writing challenge, be it Script Frenzy, NaNoWriMo, or Blog Every Day In Whatever Month You Damn Well Please,  so I won’t begin this post by apologizing for missing the previous five days. I feel, rather, that I should apologize for allowing this blog to undergo something of a fallow season right after I claimed, in a panicked and long-winded post, that I would attempt to write something at least every week and that I would probably let you all see the results. I can’t in good conscience claim to have written much of anything within the past month or so – not because I’m so busy every day that I simply can’t spare twenty consecutive minutes to sit down and churn out a few hundred words for my own amusement, but because of pure apathy and lack of confidence. Well, no more. I’m home for Easter and I have about a month to play games, drink myself foolish, eat my parents’ food and essentially tit around pointlessly, so I’ll be damned if I can’t shit out a poxy blog post every day for a week. Even if they’re as short as this.


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