Skyrim Field Notes

23 Nov

I estimate that with decent organisation and planning, I can turn forty pounds into about two weeks’ worth of food and supplies. I guess I’m eating rice and stock cubes for a fortnight, then.

Notable events from my first two days playing Skyrim:

  • Making a High Elf mage and being hugely frustrated when, while wandering around at level 2 (in the game’s “Everything Can And Will Kick A New Hole In Your Arse” phase), I decided to take a trip to Winterhold, which seemed to be about sixty billion miles away. Having gotten halfway up the nearest mountain from Whiterun, I found myself following three cool lights which I realised slightly too late were will-‘o-the-wisps. I was about to curse myself for being an idiot, but decided to use that lung-power to scream as I saw some hellish grey dust-matriarch (a “Wispmother”, apparently – now, Bethesda, you are just making shit up) well up from the ground in front of me and start directing her minions, who are made of light and never tire, to chasing me back down the mountain. I used up four stamina potions in outrunning them and, on hearing the fight music stop, foolishly congratulated myself on surviving and saved the game. Seconds later, I was obliterated by a coven of angry witches who seized with both hands the opportunity to launch endless Fireballs at me (for the unfamiliar, think rocket propelled grenade) and who apparently knew that every time I died, the game would bring me back just feet away from them, giving me absolutely no opportunity to escape.
  • Abandoning that character in disgust for a Khajiit thief, and attempting five times to run all the way to Riften from Whiterun. I did it, and was halfway through the heist missions before I realised that you can get a goddamned carriage to any of the major holds. (Before you ask, no, I was not amused by the guy in the Thieves’ Guild who did the same thing).
  • Discovering the absolute joy of sneaking around and stealing shit when you have at-will night vision, and resigning myself to the fact that I would never get anywhere near the main missions while there were still objects to thieve in the wider world
  • Returning to my mage character, getting into some decent Destruction skill and joining the College.
  • Having my first encounter with giants and being stepped on and one-shotted for doing absolutely nothing. I would be cursing giants still if not for the fact that, five minutes after killing my second dragon with Delphine, I was attacked out of nowhere by another dragon, who proceeded to kick my arse up and down the mountain before zipping off to attack something else. I noticed its health going down rapidly and moved closer to see a giant going all out on the bastard-lizard, apparently unconcerned that he, the giant, was bathed lovingly in hellish flames for a good thirty seconds before it landed to finish the job. Fortunately, the big man was a lot tougher than me and managed to smash the dragon’s skull in with about five hits, which permanently secured giants a place on my Things That Are Fucking Awesome in Skyrim list.

More later. Playing Skyrim.


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