Name? Jack (Jimmy) [someone else] {it probably begins with “J”}

From? The North

Age? 22

Biscuit? Oh, thanks.


“This blog… not… a total disgrace… humour… please don’t… not read… falsely… under any circumstances” – Rob Kellett, The Guardian

“This is the best mirth-based online communique to come out of the Northern Bloc of England in many, many centuries. That’s just my opinion, of course, ‘Cheese Cabinets Online’ notwithstanding. Must sign off now, ferrets have finally mounted a counterattack. For Dianaaaaa!” – Johnny “Halfway Scones” Groat, Profoundly Mad Bastard Magazine

“To sum up, Jimmy Liar is a well-rounded, polished, professional light ale which is wholly suitable for any drinking occasion, social or anti-. It appears after decades of oppression that the small Northern brewers are finally fighting back. Well done, boys!” – Harriet Morcannon, The Real Ale and Baffling Lack of Attention to Subject Matter Appreciation Society Newsletter

wuf – My dog

Thirsty for more lies (and pseudonyms)?



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